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Woodrow’s K-9 Camping Kit

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8 thoughts on “Woodrow’s K-9 Camping Kit

  1. Woodrow sure got ‘Er made In Da Shade, Great Kit ” J ” Be Well, Friends ! ATB T God Bless

  2. Do not give bones to your dog. Chewing on then can break or crack the dogs molars, then they will abscess and have to be pulled. My dog had to have 3 molars pulled because they abscessed. My vet asked if i gave my dog bones… i said yes. She said most dog owners do, and that it causes teeth to crack or beak.

    Also, you said their is coyotes there, so why would you chain the dog up and not take him? You’re basically taking away your dog’s ability to get himself away from danger, and giving the coyotes a free and easy snack.

    Other than that, good ideas for taking your dog camping.

    1. The coyotes aren’t going to come near a campground in broad daylight and I only tie him up if I’m just doing something like going to the bathroom. Other than that he is by my side at all times.
      He doesn’t chew up the bones, just chews off the meat and marrow, so no worries about his teeth.
      I know my dog and I’m not an idiot, but I understand your concern.

  3. Well, great kit and setup, and too true, a topuc not really discussed. For when i had dogs and we would go on road trips water and spare good food was a must.

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