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We’ve Made It Through Week 1 | Primal Life Vlog 013

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7 thoughts on “We’ve Made It Through Week 1 | Primal Life Vlog 013

  1. when you start eating healthy foods, they will help your body clean out toxins which presents symptoms that you describe. when you eat “junk food” after eating healthy for moderate periods of time, the same symptoms appear.

  2. You’re going through junk food withdrawals. You shocked your system and bad food is addictive so your body becomes dependent on it. Thanks government.

  3. Big changes to your diet can really throw your body for a loop. Fight through it, once you get to the other side you’ll feel much better. I chuckled at you getting tired of turkey and sweet potatoes, it happens to everyone. I was never fat but my body fat was getting higher than I wanted so I just cut out like 90% of carbs. I just eat above ground veggies, tons of meat and high fat delicious dairy products like cheese and heavy cream in everything LOL. A little fruit is fine but keep in mind that there is a lot of sugar in fruit. I don’t even put sugar in coffee anymore. My body fat is leaning up nicely and my lifts are still going up. This diet works for me, idk maybe you can find some usefulness in it. It’s sorta keto but not as hardcore, a little more realistic.

    1. My plan is 100% managed by my trainer. I wanted to put all that out of my hands. I just eat what he tells me to. I am Guinea pigging some things right now as a test of some future training programs we will create.

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