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UST Blast Match – One-Handed Fire Starter

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A good fire starter is an essential survival gear item. The UST Blast Match is a fire steel or ferrocerium rod that can be operated one-handed in case you are injured. But does it really work? Let’s see.

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8 thoughts on “UST Blast Match – One-Handed Fire Starter

  1. Fatwood, fire and knives, oh my! I guess I should get a Blast Match and Wet Fire to cover my backside incase of injury.  Thank you for another great video.

  2. That’s a cool product but it’s just not as practical as a lighter, when shtf happens and one of my hands is injured and I need a fire, I’m not gonna be worried about keeping it authentic, I’m gonna pull out a lighter and start a fire 💯🔥

  3. Hey just to let you know I had one of these since they pretty much came out and I never really used it as I found it a gimmick and then with all the rave and reviews I decided to try using it and I took it out and noticed grey dust all over it. I’ve probably had it stored for 10 plus years and I noticed it doesn’t function it appears it disintegrated and no longer functions. I’m not sure if they make them different and I have been in contact with the company who was happy to offer me a replacement if I took photo / video of it but I no longer trust it putting it in a kit in case of emergency. I just figured I’d let you know don’t count your life on it when it’s needed.

    1. So to add to this the plunger mechanism no longer works and the striker doesn’t produce any Sparks I’ve tried to bang it and slam on it to get it to function and it’s jammed and the rod just falls apart.

  4. I have one of these but found it difficult to open if my thumbs are stiff and aching.  Once opened, though, it’s a beast throwing a rain of sparks.  I’ll take a Scripto or Zippo or even a rotary flint striker and have the Blast Match as a redundant back up.

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