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UCO Fire Starter Smokes Up The SHOT Show! (And Some Cool Gear)

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I probably shouldn’t have lit the new fire starter from UCO during SHOT Show but you know me 😉 I blew it out in before the stormproof portion caught but the smoke was getting a lot of attention. If I had waited a few more seconds we might have had a big problem. We also took a look at some other cool gear while it smoldered.

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11 thoughts on “UCO Fire Starter Smokes Up The SHOT Show! (And Some Cool Gear)

  1. Brian! You never told us what a talented musician you are. Guys, Brian has a whole other channel where he plays his own music that he wrote, and, honestly, it is good stuff. Dude, we’re cut from the same cloth. I have a bunch of my own songs that are a lot like yours, but I think you’re a better performer. Props!

  2. Wow!  Great stuff from UCO and at reasonable prices!  That grill looked vary nice and the lighter was sweet also.  Looks like I’ll be spending more money.  Oh well you cant take it with you.  Thanks for a great video Mr.  Bryan.  Thumbs up.

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