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TRX450R Trouble -Tac

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7 thoughts on “TRX450R Trouble -Tac

  1. Sounds like a Jeep dealer. Ruining a perfectly good low hrs motor and screwing the customer the whole way. Chalk it up to a bad experience at a bad shop and never use them again. Sorry man. It sucks and not a lot can be done unless you are ready to rumble in a royal death match. It’ll always not be their fault.

  2. It sounds like they really have no idea what is wrong and they are just throwing parts at it and hoping it works, the problem is it’s on your dime.

  3. Ohh damn Tac….sounds like they might be scamming you buddy! I hope NOT. Might take it to a different shop and get a second opinion. Thx for venting. Me and my daughter are your #1 fans.

  4. Man!!! Wf? Fucking ripp off. Shit the fucked up and now want you to pay for it. Fuckem. Ball bat therapy.

  5. Are you sure they are not taking advantage of you?
    I don’t know how many Inside Edition videos I’ve seen about that.

  6. I think you are encountering the classic mechanic scammers.
    You may has well buy a Predator 420cc. With electric start for $325 at this going brand new.

    I’m in a similar situation.
    My ct200u won’t stay running. I’m thinking bad fuel with trash in it & the carbinator right now. I’m seriously thinking of heading to Harbor Freight and just buying a new 212cc engine for $96.

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