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TRU-SPEC – 24/7 Series Xpedition Tactical Pants

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Grab these pants:

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TRU SPEC is a household name when it comes to tactical gear. They sell a wide variety of things from tactical pants to backpacks and they have made a name for themselves for high-quality, yet affordable gear.

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8 thoughts on “TRU-SPEC – 24/7 Series Xpedition Tactical Pants

  1. Hey brother check out Tactical Distributors. Their stand your ground tactical jeans and their mcquad jeans are my every day wear. Plus their Carlos ray 2.1s, braddocks, and Neptune’s are all fantastic. Plus they range from 59.99 to just under 100 bucks. Great quality and fantastic price points.

    1. MASK Tactical I ordered more of the Carlos rays and they will be in tomorrow. If you want on Wednesday I’ll do a short review video for the tribe.

  2. I am looking for alot more tactical shorts. I am not a huge fan of pants. And I live in Texas. Recommendations?

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