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The Ultimate Flashlight for Prepper’s EDC or Bug Out Bag

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The Streamlight Protac-1L-1AA is the most versatile flashlight I have ever come across.
It has 3 different mode options to get the settings that work best for different situations you may find yourself in and the capability of using 3 sizes of batteries in a wide range of voltages, gives you 8 options to power it.
It is also a great size for carrying in your pocket, not to mention being lightweight and with the double sided clip, can also be attached to a hat brim to use as a headlamp if necessary.

The price has come down since I bought mine. At the time of uploading this video it costs only $33.05 on Amazon

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9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Flashlight for Prepper’s EDC or Bug Out Bag

  1. The price has come down since I bought mine. At the time of uploading this video it costs only $33.05 on Amazon

    1. Thx – The thumbnail you put “8 battery options” was the hook for me. New Information. I’m all about lights that take multiple batteries. Mostly the AA’s and 14650’s are my favorites right now. Good review on a normally overdone subject, but the versatility aspect was good stuff! Thanks again!!

  2. Lots of flashlights out there… some that might as well require a degree to operate. For those of who love a 20 function flashlight… many out there to choose from. However, I’ve recently moved to simplify my lighting. It may not be ME who needs to use a flashlight… it may be a 5 or 10 year old kid! Give me a simple light that has low, medium, and high… that is great for all kits. A strobe is great as a self defense measure… I’ll agree with that. As far as batteries? … AAA or AA for small EDC lights (not alkaline… I throw out all (I mean recycle… yeh… I recycle… that’s it) alkaline batteries and replace them with either Lithium batteries (and carry plenty of spares), or Nimh (with recharging capabilities included in the kit). In a worst case scenario, if these would be depleted for some reason (I don’t know how… but still)… alkaline batteries are always easy to find. We do keep 18650 lights in our longer range kits as well… as long as they aren’t the complicated ones. WowTac, Thrunite, and Fenix have seemed to fill this bill just fine for us (your mileage may vary).

    I was in the military for many years. When LED capabilities finally came to light (pun intended)… for some reason, Streamlight and their Cr123 platform only for “issue lights” got the contract with GSA. (I think Trump should open an investigation on that one). Most guys I have known and still know hate these lights now… but then again, they don’t have to pay for them… they go to the supply room Sergeant and get one. And he usually hands them a bag full of CR123s to go with it. As a matter of note… about three months ago I met a group of seven Marines at a diner at the local Base BX who had recently returned from duty in Afghanistan. I asked them only a few questions about what lighting they carried, what belt knife they each used, and their favorite eye wear. I’ll save the others for responses later. So on lighting, out of the seven, three carried Fenix lights, two carried Thunite lights, and two carried Streamlights. When I asked each why?… Fenix carriers answered… “the best”. The Thrunite carriers both answered “affordability and quality”. The Streamlight carriers answered… “because they are free for us”. This makes a lot of sense to me now… A lot of sense! Oh… as a teaser… the LMF and Sealpup are not their favorite belt knives either. I was sort of surprised! … For later though.

  3. I just replaced my ProTac 1L-1AA with a ProTac 2L-X with 18650 rechargeable battery and love it. Both great EDC lights

  4. Ok…I have to admit that about 6 or 7 years ago I became a flashlight snob, I thought that in order to have a reliable and exceptional functioning light that you needed to spend the money to have that. I became a fan of the 4 sevens lineup. My pocket EDC was their Prion 2 and I had a Quart AA as my full needs light. I used that one mostly for hunting purposes. Within a short order then Prion 2 failed to work like it was supposed to. I still have it and I can coerce it into partial function sometimes. The Quart I dropped on the ground recently and it just died.
    Instead of spending $150 to replace these high end light I stumbled upon a $5 light at my local Rural King. I thought there was no way this POS $5 light could be worth anything. Low and behold it was actually way better!!! This $5 flashlight puts out way more light is less weight and runs on standard AAA batteries. I’ve been totally shocked at the level of quality and performance this $5 light has proven. My two expensive four sevens lights have both died and their replacement cost still give less of a light output.

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