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The New and Improved 3V Gear Smuggler Adventure Duffle Bag

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Today we check out the new and improved Smuggle Adventure Duffle Bag from 3V Gear. Check out the full article on this video right here!
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The Smuggler duffel bag is the go-to bag for your gear intensive travels and adventures. This heavy duty duffel bag also doubles as a backpack and protects your gear while traveling and from rough handling.

We’ve updated the Smuggler, here are some of the new features:

• Padded grad handles on each end for more comfortable carrying
• More robust, durable zipper for the main compartment
• External stash pocket along the side
• Quick release shoulder straps for easy removal and storage
• Great new dark grey color

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9 thoughts on “The New and Improved 3V Gear Smuggler Adventure Duffle Bag

  1. im glad to see that 3V Gear is constantly improving their products and listening to their customers. thanks for sharing.-Scout

  2. Luv the duffel bags with 3v! Pick up the 40l and going to order the others later on. Using my for bugging out. Have bins for now but the duffel bags will be easier and more compact than the bins when loading. Once again great gear from 3v and really happy what they are putting out. Great customer service too! Take care

  3. I live in the city. There are not if lot of woods around so what’s the best way to test my survival skills?

    1. Warren Driesbaugh the answer is…. if SHTF happened in the next hour and you had to decide where you were going to go and how toy were going to get there, then that should be your test. If you think your going to have to pack and walk… then that’s what you have to do. If you think your going to drive to a location, then dig in and prepare to stay there. Then you should do that. In the army they used to tell us “you must train like you want to fight, because yippy still fight like you trained” so inn other words don’t half ass the training or you will perform half assed.

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