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The Best Places To be When SHTF: Strategic Relocation

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where is the best place to live if shtf? where is the best Bug out location? Where is the best place to put a homestead? where is the best place to put an off-grid home? Where is the best place to be self-reliant? Where is the best place to evacuate to? W

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7 thoughts on “The Best Places To be When SHTF: Strategic Relocation

  1. I live in the Great basin. There are lots of animals to just need to know where they are and how to hunt them 😉 Water is always an issue in the desert but that is why you need to store it in cisterns with the spring runoff–and there are also other ways to collect water that are interesting, like dew collectors–which were used in the middle east 3000 years ago..but not with modern technology like we have today. Im not really sure that low population density is the most important consideration–isolation makes you a target for predators. I think probably the most important consideration is knowing the area you are in or relocating to, and having some connections locally.

  2. heyy ive been trying to establish a gokd bugout location aswell i currently live in oshawa in ontario… ive watched your after the collapse video numerous times as a referal point during my planning. 1 thing id like to mention to you and your viewers is to pay attention to the map of your area, anyone smart enough will look for secluded lakes to wonder into, if your looking for a property i suggest building a watersource so that way it can be hidden off the map. if that isnt an option in my case i ensured that my closest body of water on maps is about 2 hours walk away. if anyone is looking for water on thier map they are less likely to sumble across my location, while keeping myself knowledge of the area while setting traps closer to home. i have a small crew and i am looking for people to come join me so long as they suit the criteria and can bring some real gross motorskills and intelegence to the table. id like to establish a small community based off of trade and cumminuty. because of my kids and me being raised hearing “it takes a village”

  3. Are you interested in BC? I’m from an area just outside of Williams Lake which has a fairly large preparedness community now. I have 160 acres and I see up to 30 deer a day in around my place if I’m looking. We’re always eager to have more like minded neighbours.

    You’re website has great products by the way, just purchased a silky sugowaza 420 and I’m very impressed.

  4. I got the book years ago and have loved it. I highly recommend it. Also, Joel does an end of year forecast that is great.

  5. Good video
    But I think I will just stay in my small town in New Brunswick with a population of about 150 people have a nice plot of land and a river close by and also a large forest area. Please understand I am not saying any other idea is worse or even better but I am just saying I will play my cards out here.

  6. Build your house small less is more trust me . Easy to heat and cool. Build with stone or brick for protection. Have a full basement for storage. Basements that are built well are dry and have a mild temp year round. You don’t need 80 acres of land you can have animals, area for feed and food crops on less then 3 acres if done right but 6 to 8 is ideal. Try too get land next to large government protected forest so you can also hunt and bug out if you have to leave your house. This will also give you some place to hide cashes of prep’s off your land. Do not over spend be smart. Keep your house one level think old age. good luck

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