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The 95/5 Equation Redux – Reality Preparedness – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “The 95/5 Equation Redux – Reality Preparedness – Preparedmind101

  1. My trip to Mayon Volcano eruption was a total disaster!!! Rebels hacking up remote roads, Army check points and searches, Google Maps? What a joke!!!! Nearly got me killed! Had me going off hwy to remote roads. I was hours from civilization as it was then the maps wouldnt route me out the way I got into communist territory. Finally got stopped by insurgents and they gave us directions lol!! Their beef was with the Philippines Government not us, pretty cool guys to us at least.
    Plus weather was bad not a single good photo of the eruption. Extra hell? Member of our party got so drunk he caused trouble everywhere had to put him on an airplane in Legaspi.
    Bye now going to bed for a week.

  2. I’ve said this same thing about Bug Out Bags many times. The vast majority of people putting together B.O.B.’s pack as though they’re going to be leaving town and immediately heading into the backcountry to live of the land for ten years. Generally speaking, in a true bug out situation 95% of us are going to be heading to either a relative’s house, a hotel room or a campground outside of the affected area. Very few are actually going to be heading for the hills.

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