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Strongest Folding Bushcraft Knife – Battle Horse Knives Tree Frog

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The quest for a folding bushcraft knife or survival knife has resulted in a few different designs that actually work pretty well. The Tree Frog from Battle Horse Knives seems like the strongest version to me.

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7 thoughts on “Strongest Folding Bushcraft Knife – Battle Horse Knives Tree Frog

  1. Coldsteel triad to purchase two great knives for the price of the Frog…example Reacon1…HUA! Interesting concept….overpriced. Thanks for your time and effort sharing this vid.

  2. Put a Tri-Ad lock on there instead of pins that could be easily lost and you’d really have something. Anyone listening at Cold Steel?

  3. I purchased one of these folders when they first came out. No doubt, they are well made and very sturdy. Then I saw a Blade HQ video where a Buck 112 was able to withstand (did not break, bend, or twist) a downward pressure of 350 lbs. on the handle while the open blade was held in a vice like device. The light bulb went on and I asked myself just how strong a folding knife does one need. Use knives for knife work and pry-bars for pry-bar work. I gave the Tree Frog to a friend and kept my Buck 110.

  4. Looks like to much work to place into operation and recover, over all it looks like a good knife, I’ll stick to my full edge Gator (Gerber 650), I’ve used it for most everything and it’s the best folding bush knife in my price range. Thanks for the view. P.W.D. /D.M.Z./ Scout Out.

  5. I have had my eyes on this knife for a year and I still couldn’t see the need to plunge my money on one. I wonder how many boy scouts could in all honesty afford something like this? I am guessing a Victorinox would be more financially feasible for most boy scouts. By the way Brian, you said it is stainless steel, but I am very sure it says O1 tool steel in BHK’s website. Am I missing something?

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