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Secret Trap You Have Never Seen Before

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Secret Trap You Have Never Seen Before

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12 thoughts on “Secret Trap You Have Never Seen Before

  1. Thanks for watching this video. My knife is sold out btw… so I want to thank all my customers who supported me and bought an APO-1. For those who did not get one in time I expect new knives to arrive in about 1-2 weeks. If you want to get a reminder per email. Just send me a business email. You will find the email address at my website

    1. Congratulations… I will be one of your next customers. lol. I just asked this on an older video. (I can almost guarantee my daughter is going to want one as well!)

    2. I feel confident you will sell out your knives over, and over, again.
      I am looking for your vid re Life of a You Tuber?
      It disappeared.

    3. Thanks your knife is a Beast … Tusen Takk
      Holy Crow’ that Raven is wise to your bird trap and audio-bombed your vid eh!!! Lol

    4. Congrats from me on the knife.Are you feeling better now?
      I’m glad the knife is selling well you worked hard on it. Id ahve one myself but but £££ don’t allow.

  2. This is one of the most common traps for beginners, because it’s really easy to set up. It’s rarely used by experts, because the spring often pulls the ground stake out.

  3. It a a great trap Lilly. I use the same configuration but where you used the stone (aka fruit) I use a very thin stick to balance the toggle with bait smeared on that stick. It makes for a “hair trigger.” I haven’t used a 2nd loop as you did but only a single loop (good idea!). Also, I tie the snare loop with a knot that doesn’t open back up without manipulating open somewhat like a neuse. It is a great configuration for a survival trap that is adaptable for the target species. Take care.

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