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Reflecting On Results | Primal Life Vlog – 018

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8 thoughts on “Reflecting On Results | Primal Life Vlog – 018

    1. Thanks man I appreciate it. Fasting is not the only way though. I show that throughout the vlog with my results. Bear in mind I am roughly 50 days ahead of this episode. I’m shredding massive amounts of fat by eating more. It’s all about what is going in. I’m more interested in learning proper Nutrition than I am about fad diets and fasting. Fasting has its place, but it’s just not a part of my regimen currently. I am intentionally eating more to re-regulate my metabolism because it’s been just shit. Im not just winging this. Everything I’m doing right now is carefully crafted by an expert.

    2. MASK Tactical I hear you. If your like me and have a problem with food (addict) then fastings worth checking out. Only way you’ll lose any serious body fat. Went from 250 to 189. Snake diet. Good luck bro

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