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Prevent A Negligent Discharge – HAWG Holsters PTAP Explained

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The HAWG Holsters PTAP (Pistol Trigger Action Protector) helps prevent a negligent discharge by protecting the trigger. Plain and simple, this kydex trigger guard cover just works. In this video, HAWG Holsters’ owner, John Abbott, tells us his thoughts on the PTAP.
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17 thoughts on “Prevent A Negligent Discharge – HAWG Holsters PTAP Explained

  1. HAWG is top quality indeed. I’m 69 years old and been at the gun since I was a child up in Northern Minnesota. Safety?? Here’s a blast from the past Amigos…..train train train with a double action revolver! It’s always hot, ready to rock… was stated in this video….safety is found between your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t own a pistol that has a safety or a mag disconnect. And when one has mastered that double action wheel gun, then it is time to explore the pistol….which adds many layers to sending a bullet down range. I have trained young and old when I was in the arena…I know how to feed and care for flintlocks on up. Love em all. But when I find a man or a woman who has a revolver and knows how to handle it in stressful situations, I am facing a well armed citizen……ready to rock! Just my 2 cents. >;-)
    All my best to ya’all, from Tucson, Arizona.

  2. This is a great safety device, I will definitely check into getting one. Thanks for the information and video.

  3. Received two HAWG holsters last week and really liking them. I do have a couple of concerns: I should’ve upgraded to the XL clip (didn’t see the option or understand want a difference they’d make) and wish I’d gotten a recording of John singing while making them 😁
    Thanks Bryan for the video and the referral to HAWG.

    1. Mike Thomas I do know I was listening /groaning along with “A taste of yesterday’s wine” Album Merle and George Jones when I made your holster. I meant to put a note in and let you know.

    2. +hawg holsters too funny…I love “Momma Tried”, so I would never want to confuse that sound…haha. I’ll get that email out shortly. Thanks.

    3. Mike, just shoot me an email and I will call and take the upgrade order.
      As for the recording, my electronic devices refuse to record such sounds.
      The closest you can get to replicate the sound is this.
      Play Merle Haggard “Momma Tried” on one stereo while listening to your neighbor that doesn’t know how to use a chainsaw try to learn while on the second stereo you listen to either a recording of rabbits being slaughtered or humpback whales with a toothache.
      And that my friend is when you will beg for the sound of silence.

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