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Pathfinder Knife Shop Mountain Lion Survival Knife- Dirty By Design

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If you want a solid survival knife, the new “Dirty By Design” Mountain Lion from the Pathfinder Knife Shop is a good choice. I think Dave Canterbury and the folks at PKS hit a home run with this one.

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8 thoughts on “Pathfinder Knife Shop Mountain Lion Survival Knife- Dirty By Design

  1. Thank you so much for doing this review I’ve been looking at this knife everyday for about the past week trying to decide about buying this I just went through a divorce and when I was separated and moved out I took a vacation to go see my family for a week and when I came back two days before I was moving out my wife at the time through all my gear away I lost all my pathfinder knives I lost all my Ferrell rides my bags I lost everything this knife is something I’ve been looking forward to so thank you for giving this a serious review I cannot wait to get my hands on one

  2. Snake was a black rat knife they imitate the sound of rattle snake by rubbing they’re scales together. They do not have poison. Cool find by the way i can only find garden snakes i love those critters.

  3. Great review and demo. Also, good tip to look up when selecting a campsite. That sweet looking blade is definitely being added to my short list!

  4. The slow motion of the fero rod sparking looked like the 4th of July! Coming from Dave Canterbury I know it will excel at bushcraft chores and be a quality product. Thanks for showing it Bryan.

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