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No Where To Hide Natural Disasters

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No Where To Hide Natural Disasters are possible in all areas of the U.S. Including Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Flooding, Wild Fires and Volcanoes. Be Aware, Be Prepared.

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7 thoughts on “No Where To Hide Natural Disasters

  1. Thanks for the great content (as usual) ever since I started watching your videos I’ve been building my own bag for emergency use. However I’m the only one in my family that does it. I try to convince them that they should have their own too but they dont really believe anything bad will happen. It can be a struggle but I’ll keep trying to get it through to them. Thanks again for the content.

  2. Nice video Don, beside my workplace we have a pharmaceutical manufacturer which stores many types of acids with can react forming fuming acid clouds. plus a mile away another company storing lots of gasoline and other fuels too, trouble is are workplace build has the aircon on 24hr so it could suck in outside air.

  3. We currently have a shelter in situation in place situation in Pasadena Tx due to a major fire in the area I think this would be a great time to talk about how people can prepare for a personal/local shtf situation. Things like this happen all the time for small areas and people should be ready.

  4. I would love it you would do a review on the condor 3 day assault pack. Because its a more budget backpack and there is not many other good reviews on it.and its pretty cheep to by.

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