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New Hammock/Camping Gear for My Next Trip

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7 thoughts on “New Hammock/Camping Gear for My Next Trip

  1. Looking forward to see how this gear works out for you. The only item I use out of all of that is the Trifecta V3. I purchased both the standard and the XL. You are right… that XL is huge! As a ground dweller, ( i can’t get comfy in a hammock at all) I like the versatility that they have… bivy, emergency shelter, thermal blanket, or a ground sheet. They are not mummy shaped, so they fit a sleeping bag and pad much better. Makes a very waterproof bivy… I woke up in a puddle one morning, but everything in the bivy… the pad, sleeping bag and me all stayed dry. I haven’t used it as a shelter yet… I’m scared that I might overtorque the tie out tabs… I think they (or the tyvek) are only rated for like 35 to 40 pounds tension… and I tend to overdo things sometimes. The Agawa Canyon saw is awesome… you’ll love using that, for sure. My son and my son in-law now both want one for their birthdays this year. Anyway…. stay dry. It looks like you guys aren’t done with that rain just yet. Best wishes.

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