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Michael Myers Day Off

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7 thoughts on “Michael Myers Day Off

  1. By the way, Ive started to fix up old axes. When I’ve finished the next one, I can donate it as a viewer submission if you like.

    Thanks to Bushcraft Sisyphos (check out his channel btw, nice axeguy) I have learned that edge geometry in the 22° zone really cuts the best and the steel can easily hold that edge with a microbevel. I put that on a Wetterlings I fixed and it outperforms a Gränsfors easily now. So I will put that on it. Next thing is weight of the head. Any preference? Handle length?

    Please post some more vids. Doesnt have to be any big deal. Just nice to see you every now and then.

    Take care

  2. Immensly funny for some reason. But Im forced to download an app to view the rest on that toc thing. Post all of it here instead!

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