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J.O.A. Knives Venandi by Battle Horse Knives: First Impressions – Preparedmind101

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10 thoughts on “J.O.A. Knives Venandi by Battle Horse Knives: First Impressions – Preparedmind101

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing the knife Mr. Tanner, I really appreciate it!

    Thank you for some of the points you brought up in the video.

    We are offering this knife with a Scandi grind for no extra price as I have had some ask about that and we really like Scandi grinds.

    I appreciate your input about the sheath. That sheath is a stock sheath that the knife comes with. It is a bit big, but it would cost a lot to develop a sheath just for the knife and I really don’t have enough reasons at this time to warrant such a high price ($300-$500). But if enough people want it, we can probably do a Kydex sheath, which depending on what someone wants between/around $55-$75.00.

    And yes! We are doing Pre-Sales for the knife about every month or so, so all orders come through me via the J.O.A Knives Facebook page. If someone is interested, they can contact me and I can go a bit more in-depth.

    I really wish I had sharpened the knife too! I couldn’t find the KME sharpener, and I was having issues with the WorkSharp knife sharpener and couldn’t risk damaging this knife. You’re right; it needed to be sharper and thank you so much for remedying the situation and being so thorough and knowledgeable in your review with reasonable tests.

    I do have a couple more knife designs in development and if you are interested in reviewing them when available, that would be welcome.

    (I reviewed this knife when I reviewed it for J.O.A Knives YouTube channel as I knew that the first one I made was a bit outdated as I have a new camera, editor, etc.
    J.O.A. Knives Youtube Channel: ?
    J.O.A. Facebook page: )

    1. “Thank you Mr. Tanner…”

      There is hope for the human race.

      Solid design kid, great to learn of another designer doing work. Best of luck to ya!!

  2. I was going to say 180 is BS for this suck knife till I realized it was a 15 year old that did it. Now I wanna buy it.

  3. It looks like a great design, and I see from his comment that he does offer a scandi grind, so both camps can get their favorite one. I am happy to see a young designer breaking into the market. If he can come up with a design this good at 15 yrs old, imagine what he will be putting out in 5 or 10 yrs. Kudos! This is a knife I would buy if I needed a good smaller belt knife for general field tasks, or the scandi for a full on bush crafter. Personally, I love a scandi for wood working, but a ff is more versatile for general carry purposes..what the hell, buy 1 of each! LOL. Great job for not only a 1st design, but over all regardless.

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