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How Does THAT Happen?! | Primal Life Vlog – 029

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11 thoughts on “How Does THAT Happen?! | Primal Life Vlog – 029

    1. +MASK Tactical remember, it makes a turd. It’s fuel now. For me that was one of the biggest things. How much time, effort, money and everything else you get back from the “Slavedriver named food”. I’m Italian by heritage. Everytime we get together, special occasion, Holidays, or even a bad day, we eat. We talk about the last and next time we are getting together all centric to food. Again…welcome back to your life. Food is fuel. I promise this is my last reply on this one. Enjoy the movie and family time. It’s what really matters.

    2. +MASK Tactical stick with it. Sometimes water SUCKS or gets really OLD. That’s a big deal with what I’m doing and believe me brother I’ve had those mornings where all I can say is WTF. Good work!

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