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Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?

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Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?
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Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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8 thoughts on “Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?

  1. Thanks for watching guys. UPDATE on the knife: Only a few days anymore and then it will be available again 🙂

  2. Interesting mod, Lily but, if you had only cut out the 2 panels, you could have just inverted the holder on a metal plate, and would not need the bars or feet, and would not be restricted to only heating a small cup. You could also then stuff the cold and empty container with delicate items for protection in your gear 😉

  3. Wenn Waldbrandgefahr herrscht, dann macht man gar kein Feuer – schon gar nicht im Hobo. Man steckt sich noch nicht einmal eine Kippe an ….

  4. Hi Lilly,

    A $3 purchase from IKEA and modified with a $3,000 home workshop.

    Cool 😎 ➡ Absolutely 😀

    Easy to Replicate 🙄 😂 ➡ No way!

    Perhaps there is a way to make this without having some mind of dream like DIY workshop?

    Looking forward to hearing 👂your thoughts on how to proceed with a minimum of equipment.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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