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He’s Probably Going To KILL Me… | Primal Life Vlog – 035

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5 thoughts on “He’s Probably Going To KILL Me… | Primal Life Vlog – 035

  1. MASK–dude I appreciate all you’re doing my friend……keep it up. Now, and w/that said, I would incorporate more cardio (aerobic workout) rather than anaerobic workouts? I guess light weight an more reps is okay as long as it doesn’t mess w/your cardio workouts. You’re trying to cut weight, so I would have you doing a aquatic workout, yoga, Tia Chi and cycling/stair-stepper, etc. Just throwing out ideas. Have you looked into Green Detox? Anyway, just trying to help and if you want me to shut my mouth just say:)

    1. I completely respect and understand your point of view. I am in the medical field and advise my patients on how to shed weight the correct way. Carry on my friend and the best of luck to you–MASK I appreciate the dedication/hard work and you will reap the rewards my friend.

    2. Appreciate it but I hired my trainer and have put all the details in his hands and am also testing methods. I explain a lot of this back before the fitness stuff started back around episode 7-8ish or so.

      Thanks for watching!!! The support means a lot.

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