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Heel That Pain – Finally! Something That Helped My Foot Pain

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I suffered from foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis for almost a year. I tried a lot of different things but nothing helped until I tried the shoe inserts from Heel That Pain. And now my foot pain is almost gone. Seriously, I would hug them if I could. It is that much better!

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14 thoughts on “Heel That Pain – Finally! Something That Helped My Foot Pain

  1. My mother had foot surgery last year, and since then she has gotten so much better. Her foot was in bad shape, her bones were shifting and physically her foot looked horrible.

    Have you considered getting foot surgery in the future? I will tell you it can take months to heal with a tens therapy unit, and using a scooter to get around. But my mother no longer has any foot problems, she had her bunion removed and had her bones screwed together. It’s a lot, but it was worth it in the end.

  2. I suffer from this. Though not as bad as you I think. But what I’ve found that works best for me and if I spent more time doing it on purpose is simply walking. Well not simply but walking with a very specific movement of your foot as you step off. It stretches and hurts like heck but do that long enough and I’ve noticed very good improvement. Used to not be able to walk down stairs in the morning now most days I don’t even realize they’re supposed to hurt.

  3. I Hope it will help. But… Hmmm I have very similar ilnes and to be honest there is no perfect solution. I did custom inserts with hard parts / gel parts etc. Fortunately for me it was much cheaper than in US, so not 400 USD. Anyway, this helps but not 100% I still got my pain once per 2 month average for 2-3 days.

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