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Gun Gripes #175: “Trump’s Bump Stock Ban”

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In this video we discuss Trump’s executive action on bumpstocks and the eventualities and ramifications of the potential ban if the lawsuits put forth by the Firearms Policy Coalition and Gun Owners of America fall through. The leadership of the NRA is responsible for starting us down this path and now are facing harsh criticism for their actions then and their further support of new anti gun policies. We wanted to give a special shoutout to companies like Blue Alpha Gear, Cole-Tac and 9Mil Apparel (9mmsmg on IG) for putting their money where their mouth is and getting in the fight by donating to the FPC. Stay tuned, much more on the way.





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7 thoughts on “Gun Gripes #175: “Trump’s Bump Stock Ban”

  1. So you mean they as the republicans. I mean 12/19/18 repub senate congress and president but i remember Obama was coming for our guns. Fucking idiots voted for a snake oil salesman and bought into his wolf tickets fucking idiots and they taxed the fuck out of us.

  2. Is Chad’s fake ass still willing to trade bump stocks for other rights? I miss Berry, if Berry was still around we would never have to deal with Chad’s smug attitude. Don’t try and save face now.

  3. Is Chad’s fake ass still willing to trade bump stocks for other rights? I miss Berry, if Berry was still around we would never have to deal with Chad’s smug attitude. Don’t try and save face now.

  4. No news coverage on Vegas Patsy Leftist Paddock stock piles most of his Arsenal after Trumps election. No news on dozens of fake 911 calls of active shooters in the area hours before. This whole thing smells of a corrupt FBI cover up to continue to erode our civil rights rather then banning Leftist from owning firearems. Ive seen him in the video wearing the pink puss hat. Its him. His girlfriend deletes her facebook before the shooting, and countless other oditities that shout blasphemous cover up yet again. If I where President all FBI and CIA documents are coming out un redacted so they stop the corrupt Baloney and macaroni.

  5. Hello Eric/Chad,

    I come to you behind enemy lines here in California. Believe me, a bunch of the gun gripes you guys talk about, we are living through it here and then some. But I figure maybe I could share a piece of my thought and while it may not be everything, it might give some perspective(s) from guys who don’t live in gun-friendly country.

    When I heard Trump doing an executive order on the bump-stock, I largely shrugged. I shrugged not because I agreed with him, I don’t; I think going to the ATF and arbitrarily changing settled definition of what is considered NFA item(s) is a dangerous precedence. However, when living in a state where our ammo is registered, our guns are registered, we are red flagged without due process, we only get 10 round mags, we can’t have normal looking ARs….is repealing bump stock ban with my hard-earned money a strategic thing to do? Would I spend a minute calling my elected reps and sharing my opinions when they got everything they wanted in 2016 gunmaggedon? Probably not. Where would I rather see this money spent? In additional FPC lobbying efforts and lawsuits (like the ammo ban).

    Believe me, I’m as red-blooded American as anybody when it comes to guns and I’m a hearty practitioner of our 2nd amendment here in california…but I can understand why Trump considered bump stocks as fodder and why he knows the vast majority of even gun owners will largely meet this with a shrug.

    PS: I dunno if it’s ever an interest down the road but if you ever wanted to interview someone from a heavily gun-controlled state; i’m happy to offer my 2 cents.

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