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Get Home Bag Philosophy

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7 thoughts on “Get Home Bag Philosophy

  1. Need these here in kommiefonia especially this year where we are in the shake and bake mode with all the fires and the 3.2’s we’ve had lately

  2. I’ve been using map books since I was old enough to be the co-pilot on road trips. they break down your whole state by county. (if link doesn’t work just google Delorme atlas and gazetteer)

  3. Dont have to worry about permits here, we have something called Constitutional Carry….its how it should be nationwide.

  4. Stopping to help others on the side of the road can be hazardist to your health. Three off duty cops have gotten into fire fights this year in San Antonio Texas trying to help people on the side of the road. The people tried to rob the cops not knowing they were cops and pulled guns on them . I would only stop to help elderly people . Even women can be trouble these days. If you do stop park away from their car and ask if they need help from your car instead of just walking up to their car. Me I don’t stop. That is why we have cell phones. They can call for help. Even 911 will send someone out if asked.

  5. Hi Sootch, I wrote a novela just about this topic, more or less. You get some time on your hands pick one up for your Kindle (not asking for a review). The book is named, Perils of Chaos. It’s an organic work, I even drew the cover art. Keep up the great videos. -Perry

  6. Don’t mean to besmirch your buddies but are either of them physically capable of walking 10 miles? Let alone with heavy pack. Not trying to be a jerk, just to make a point that I feel is often overlooked. It’s “easy” to purchase guns and gear. Not as easy to put down the fork and start improving the one tool that you always have with you, your body.

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