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Forced To Choose: Large Knives/Choppers – Preparedmind101

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The final FTC video. The big knives! There is one obvious one missing from the lineup (Tac has it), but being that it is primarily a chopper only, it probably wouldn’t have made it to the final 3 anyway.

Bark River:



Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6/Jessmuk-C Dealers:

PM101 Morale Patch:






PM101 Morale Patch:






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13 thoughts on “Forced To Choose: Large Knives/Choppers – Preparedmind101

  1. If these “Forced to Choose” videos have taught me anything, it’s that I needn’t even bother turning the microphone on. SO many people just do not listen. I see people getting upset or actually offended that their favorite knife isn’t in the video. That I’ve somehow “sold out” because I did not pick or show what they like. I think these videos could be half as long if I didn’t have to constantly repeat what it is I’m doing here. And even doing THAT, people STILL can’t grasp it. 

    The “Forced To Choose” videos have NOTHING AT ALL with recommending knives! Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. The Forced to Choose videos are about looking at what you have in front of you…all the knives you LIKE…and having to analyze what you need, or what works best for you on a subjective, personal level. Throughout the series, some of my favorite items did not get picked. I really do not understand why this is so difficult to understand. 

    The next big thing, is people freaking out because a certain knife was not seen. What about this?? Where is that?? Such and such wasn’t in there, so I call BS!! What…the hell?

    Exactly HOW MANY knives do you ACTUALLY think I need? They are just going to sit on a shelf. Because 75% of the time when I am in the woods, I am using something that I am reviewing. I’m not even using my favorite stuff! Yet people somehow feel slighted that I knife I used to have, or a knife they think is the best wasn’t in the video. I can’t USE all those knives folks! And I’m not a miilionaire. Not even close. In order to keep getting things to review for you, I have to let things go. And I’d rather a good knife be in someone else’s being used than sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Let’s hit the big ones…

    WHERE IS THE BK9?!?! I stopped using the BK9 the day I got Jess-X. Which was years ago. Remember, I designed that knife because I loved the size of the BK9, But I wanted something different. So I made it. I sold it to a friend who really wanted it, and was going to actually USE it. 

    WHERE IS THE TAHOMA FIELD KNIFE?!?!?! It’s a great knife. But I used others more. And when Bryan Stevens had his TFK stolen out of his truck, I asked Andy Tran if he would mind if I gave mine to Bryan (because Andy gave me mine). Because it was Bryan’s FAVORITE knife. I’d rather Bryan have it and appreciate it, than st on my shelf. 

    WHERE IS THE EL CHETE?!?!! I even put it in the video. The El Chete is with Tac right now. I asked if he wanted to borrow mine to review it. 

    (From the last video) WHERE IS THE HONEY BADGER?!?!?! The HB was one one my favorites…no doubt. But I have a friend who loved it more. And when he was in between jobs, he was forced to sell some stuff he didn’t want to get rid of, one thing being his Honey Badger. Probably his favorite knife. I have lots of knives. So I packaged my Honey Badger up and surprised him with it. Sometimes it’s better to give than receive. I’ll get one from the next run.

    WHERE IS THIS KNIFE OR THAT KNIFE?!?!? Again, outside of the knives I review, I can only use so many. And I’m going to use what works best for me. So I’ll sell stuff I don’t use so I can get MORE stuff to do more videos….which is my job. 

    Stop taking shit SO personally! And LISTEN to what I’m telling you in the video. As I said, the FTC series has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with recommending what to buy. Nothing at all. I don’t know how it is even possible to make that any clearer than I already have.

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 no doubt that would wear anyone down but most people from all of your subscribers come here for your knowledge and appreciate everything you take the time to review and go over.
      As for me I have always appreciated these reviews probably more than any other reviewer so a huge big thank you and keep up the good work!

    2. Bro it’s okay! there will always be butthurt little 18 year olds out there complaining. Youre videos are great, don’t be phased by stupid comments ok? keep up the good work! love your reviews!

    3. +William Russell No, It’s simply something that I’ve just been noticing a LOT lately, and it’s not like you said that “people want to hear why”. It’s that nobody is listening. My videos are often longer than they need to be because I explain my thought process in detail. But then I have to answer countless comments (this is a problem that has been becoming exponentially more frequent) where people either have either made snapshot judgements about what they THINK the video is about and then want to argue about how I’m wrong, or make great leaps of assumptions of something within the video and get upset about it Such as: I SEE A VIDEO ABOUT KNIVES——————————–>VIDEOS TELL ME WHAT’S THE BEST—————————————>I DON’T SEE THE ONE I LIKE——————————>HE DIDN’T SHOW OR CHOOSE MY FAVORITE, SO HE JUST CALLED ME AN ASSHOLE!”. Meanwhile, I’m trying to teach something about analytical choice, the video has nothing to do with what I think you should buy, and I’ve spent 1/3 if the video time explaining myself carefully.

      The comment I replied to right before yours, was someone giving me a laundry list of all the features of as particular Nitecore tactical flashlight and why it’s better than the Olight my video was about. Here’s what he did:


      That would be all well and good….IF the video wasn’t full of me saying things like how Flashlights are such a personal subjective choice, how my opinion was based on what I personally like and look for, and how my assessment of the flashlight had absolutely nothing at all to do with whether or not it was “the best TACTICAL flashlight”

      See, I at least understand the nuances of subjective likes and dislikes. I know that I cannot tell a few hundred thousand people what will work for them. So I go out of my way to explain in great detail about how my videos reflect my personal thoughts and preferences. But at least 1/3 of viewers who watch review videos might as well mute the sound on the computer.

      My recent video “The most important survival item nobody cares about” had a lot of that. Maybe not TOO much… But there were plenty of comments where people started reading the title of the video, apparently got sleepy halfway through the sentence and just settled on “Oh, this video is about the most important survival item ever, let’s see what it is. A tourniquet?? Use a shoelace… Fire is way more important!”


      I know it looks like overreacting from your point of view. Understand I have the birds-eye view. I have an app that feeds me the newest comments streaming in from over 1000 videos. You’ll have “trends” of comments. The current trend is “not hearing a single word I say and arguing about what I assume you were going to say”.

      To me… It’s a monumental time waster because I’m not content with just plopping out generic videos… I’m trying to get people to think in new directions.

    4. PREPAREDMIND101 Chris your putting yourself out there for better or worse, people like your videos and respect your opinion that’s why they ask where’s this and that, and why not this, and why not that. It’s because they actually want to hear the why….and the where… the alternative to this is nobody watching and nobody giving a shit… so spending half a day killing 10 paragraphs on why people shouldn’t ask or enquire is plain dumb….. man get your shit together your not here to please the masses your here with your experience and opinion which people are genuinely interested in so complaining about it is contradictory and going to put yourself into the light of someone who believes their shit don’t stink. I remember your first videos alot more humble and alot more patient with your viewer’s. Also to viewers should be more respectful of your knowledge and experience.

  2. You know Chris. I gotta thank ya for the info about these knives. I carry two knives with me when I go into the woods. I fall somewhere between a bushcrafter and a survivalist. I see pros and cons on both sides of I guess what you would call woodsmanship. I carry a BK7 and Mora No.2 out there with me every time. Just a combo that I really like, and I think ill use for years to come. For heavy use, BK7 all the way, for the finer work, as well as skinning, I use the Mora. Both bought second hand. I have walnut scales and gun bluing on my Bk7, and just gun bluing on my Mora. I enjoy the bluing for protection against the Gulf Coastal area humidity. Thank you for you’re informative videos that helped shaped what I carry. Its much appreciated.

  3. Really like the blade on your vengeful knife. Handle looks good to but it really needs a guard of some sort to keep your hands from slipping on to the blade.
    If you look at all the other knives they all have something to prevent that. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it had a guard.

    1. +R.D. K No it doesn’t. I don’t know why people think they need a guard unless you plan on stabbing stuff. A guard goes against the POU oof the design.

  4. I would say the handle should be more than half of your choice. That of course makes choosing knives a very personal thing since every hand is different. EJ knows he has giant gorilla hands, so I doubt he will object to you not choosing his knife here.

  5. If you’re allowed to of course you should pick your knife. I actually love all of your choices. When I tried this I didn’t have as many large blades as you do. I went Kabar Kukri machete as my budget, my Esee Junglass because of versatility, and finally instead of my El chete which I love, I chose my GransFors Bruk, small forest axe. Yes I know it’s an axe but the El Chete is heavier, and more unwieldy.

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