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FOBOS Knives Legion: First Impressions Test (Shocked!) – Preparedmind101

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12 thoughts on “FOBOS Knives Legion: First Impressions Test (Shocked!) – Preparedmind101

  1. Just when I thought I didn’t need another knife!
    And that sheath is going to age beautifully.

    1. For about five seconds, as you turn the knife the sun follows the edge and it looks really cool. You even pause and there’s a sparkle on the very tip. Looks intentional but I know you couldn’t see the light effect from the camera angle perspective when you were videoing. Not trolling, honest – it was just a minor observation. Actually it’s really more like at 21:49. Either way, nevermind – I can barely even see it now when I try. 😉

  2. That batoning makes me cringe. It’s everyone’s choice to do with their property what they like but it hurts my knife soul to see it. 😢😁

    1. That IS knife stuff, depending on the knife. Not going to waste time building a wedge when the knife is made to do it. Again… If all a knife is meant for is cutting and carving, then there is absolutely no need for anything but a Mora Companion. You don’t need a wedge when the knife IS a wedge.

    2. PREPAREDMIND101 nahh no brainwashing here, it takes a few minutes to make a wedge and make a notch and you can pound away on the wedge, on multiple logs. Has nothing to do with steel composition but all to do with preserving the knife for knife stuff. Light chopping/carving, slicing, skinning, and finer work. I def appreciate the vids and you continue to baton it is what it is. Still hurts. Haha. It’s good to see if a product is durable.
      There’s a million different scenarios on why there is not any other tools available but say all you have is that one knife, I would be trying my hardest to preserve that tool to make life easier by having that tool around. Shit happens better not to force it. This is just my opinion on it
      Thank you for the reply

    3. You must be joking. You gotta shake that brainwashing. It’s 2018. We have super steels and people design knives to baton. We’re not all using fragile Old Hickory butcher knives anymore.

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