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Extreme Test- Peltor Sport 500 Electronic Hearing Protection

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Hearing protection is important. I’ve been testing the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 electronic shooting muffs for several months and I decided to wind things up by shooting my .308 at an indoor range.

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13 thoughts on “Extreme Test- Peltor Sport 500 Electronic Hearing Protection

  1. I looked for a pair of these back in 1972, when I rode my Schwinn Stingray to GC Murphys, but they didn’t have them. Today’s product technology is amazing. I love the old memories, but ya gotta keep up with what you can’t stop.

  2. I can understand the hearing loss thing. At one time we were shooting at Fort Bragg we were shooting 4 times a week didn’t always use hearing protection either late 70s early 80s. But it was fun. I don’t think that hurt my ears as much as something else that you said concerts. Been to a lot of but I owe my hearing loss to one man. Mick fleetwood’s drum solo in the Greensboro Coliseum we were too close to the amplifiers period ever since then I don’t hear good now that I hear and I get this ringing noise hope yours is not that bad

    1. I remember sitting in the front row at an Aerosmith concert directly in front of a giant wall of speakers. My ears rang for a week. (and Aerosmith was horrible. Steven Tyler was so drunk he couldn’t even sing. But Mother’s Finest rocked the house!) …I’m dating myself now huh?

  3. Say Heah Brian, When I, was in practice, we also had Audiologist’s, so one made me some ear protection, that [email protected]@K’d like soft hearing aids, Boy, do they work good, yeah, It blocks the noise, and, I can still hear you talk, Dilly Dilly, Ummppa.,,.p

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