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EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review

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EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review.

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Up Armored Knives: Plate Knife
Ingalls Creek Outfitters Fierce Fire

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12 thoughts on “EXOTAC FireRod Fire Starter Review

  1. 6555 views and the vids only been up for 22 hrs. NICE !! I like to think I helped with that, I tell all my friends to tune in and subscribe to Sensible Prepper and Sooch00. God Bless America

    1. SensiblePrepper btw I watch all your vids new and old. They are so great. I like the videos where u take everyday items and make them usefull for survival situations. -god bless America. – long live the republic.

    1. SensiblePrepper There’s always something to prepare for. Guns, ammo. Emergency survival kits. Flat tire kits. Fire kits. And some much more. Lmao.

  2. Oregonians need your help. I am a legal gun owner and a Oregonian. A new proposal has been submitted to ban “Assault weapons”. Initiative Petition 43 would make legal gun owners of AR-15 and magazines capable of greater than 10 rounds a class B felony. This was proposed by a religious leader and another member. The news media has made sounds like it’s just AR type weapons, but upon reading the whole petition it is much more than that. It could mean out semi auto pistols, shot guns, hunting rifles with muzzle breaks, and rifles like 10/22’s.

    Obviously the petition goes much more in depth, and is quite disturbing to legal gun owners, that have already gone through the legal channels to be responsible gun owners. Murder is already against the law. Surely people that are disturbed, and criminals will obey the law. Anyone with intent to do harm will find any means necessary to carry that out. It doesn’t mean that a gun will be used. Leaving law abiding citizens unable to protect themselves. We need all gun rights advocates help in defeating this petition and securing our constitutional right.

    Thank you

    Legal gun owner and family man in Oregon

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