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ESEE-6HM: First Impressions (SMKW) – Preparedmind101

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7 thoughts on “ESEE-6HM: First Impressions (SMKW) – Preparedmind101

  1. Obsolete overhyped product.

    Both by design and value per money.

    This is not 2010 any more, overpriced overhyped “tops” are not the only competition in the swamp… 1095 is yesteryear and yestergeneration “go to “steel…

    So No. and for their prices- without “thanks “.

  2. Remember when he used to brag and go on and on about a bk7 handling so much “heavy use” and keep on kicking? You know before he became mr super steel.

  3. There are to many “not” at the end of the video… Not a great knife at the end, not suitable for a lot of works. That’s why i don’t like esee, especially because it’s just to overestimated by every one.

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