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EDC Bag – 3V Gear Shift Urban Sling Pack – Stealth Operator Bag (SOB)

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Today we take a look at my EDC Bag utilizing the 3V Gear Shift Urban Sling Pack. It’s part of their stealth operator bag lineup. Check out the full article on this video right here! (Coming Soon)

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The Shift Urban Sling Pack was designed to give you the same rugged, tough construction that you would expect from all 3V Gear bags but with discreet styling. This gives you all of the benefits of a tactical sling bag but also allows you to blend in if you want to. The Shift Urban Sling Pack is designed to give you quick and easy access to your bag without removing it. This Shift swings around to the front of your body and all of the zippers are positioned on the side of the bag to give you access to all of your gear with the bag in front of you.

The Shift features a padded laptop sleeve, loads of organization, stabilizer strap to keep your bag secure, conceal carry pocket with loop field for a Velcro holster, and molded EVA foam back. Two padded grab handles and a thick, padded shoulder strap will keep you comfortable when using the Shift. Whether you are commuting to work, heading to school, or working a security detail, the Shift will be your perfect companion.

The Shift is the perfect addition to the 3V Gear Stealth Operator Bag (SOB) line. You get the same great features, build quality, and design you would expect from 3V Gear, but it comes in a nondescript tactical pack.

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14 thoughts on “EDC Bag – 3V Gear Shift Urban Sling Pack – Stealth Operator Bag (SOB)

  1. I had a seam release like that on upon arrival of my OUTLAW on the back of my inner zip pouch. I use it daily now and didn’t want to send it back so I used uvglue to seal it, so far so good.
    I’m thinking they need to roll and edge stitch that material before putting it in the bags to prevent that nylon weave release issue. Or perhaps some kind of seam seal.
    All other aspects of the bag were spot on and no apparent QC issues. Would buy again.

  2. I agree sling packs really aren’t me. I tried the outlaw for edc/get home but my concern was for long trips it might get uncomfortable. I did find a great option for it in my kits and that’s a awesome fishing pack/day pack. For me using it for fishing it’s great! I can carry all my gear and when I need something I can sling it around. Get what I need without putting my rod down. It’s also easy to move through the woods looking for good spots on the shore and also for a day walk just to get outside. 3v gear is great! Don’t over pack and they will last for awhile. Great vid and happy new year!

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