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DIY Budget SHTF Survival Case

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DIY Budget SHTF Survival Case We take a well used SKB Waterproof, Shock Proof case and make a survival kit that you can carry in your Vehicle, Boat or have around the house. Great way to keep the items you need organized and at your finger tips.

I bought the case at a local gun show but they are available on Ebay.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Budget SHTF Survival Case

  1. Saw on another video featuring the Pelican case suggesting to lay out your items as you would see them from the bottom, then when you cut the foam, the tracing lines won’t show after you install the foam right side up.

  2. These are cool, but for you budget minded people, you can buy pistol cases for $10 or less unless you want one that is double the size. I bought a few to keep my flashlights in. For a car survival kit, it would be beneficial to have a padded case and don’t forget maybe a bag to carry the stuff in unless you want to hike with hard plastic cases.

  3. Rumor is, you can cut the foam with an electric carving knife like used with your Thanksgiving turkey. Hope to create my own box soon! Thanks!!

  4. It’s really sad to see what YouTube is doing. I’m proud to support you through Patreon. Thank you for the great content.

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