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Camping in Hippo territory dangerous?

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Camping in Hippo territory dangerous?

Shoes Lilly is wearing in this video: You can book your trip here: If you want to help this family you can donate to Julian’s family here:

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12 thoughts on “Camping in Hippo territory dangerous?

  1. Shoes I am wearing in this video:
    Julian is offering guided tours in Gabon, here is his website:
    If you want to help this family you can donate to Julian’s family here:

    1. I truly enjoy your videos! The Lily and Julian series are very intersting:) Thank you for taking the time in sharing them. Other than money….is there a way to send Julian and his family gifts…or is money the better choice?

    2. +Roberto Murillo Lilly actually travel’s lighter with fishing and hunting equipment. MRE’s are ok for the short term, but for long term survival, you need to be able to live off the land. MRE’s were designed for the military, and a large logistics infrastructure.

    3. Woaw love your video. And I love the survival equipment you were caring it.

      Lily…. can you make a video about eating MRE in the wilderness or any place which you think is the best for surving?

      I would be more satisfied on your videos if you can survive with a small package of MRE for only 1 night, if not then at least a medium size or bring more than 1 small package because MRE suppose to be light weight and easy to pack, rather bringing a big load of food equipment.

      Don’t you think?

      Edit: Oh…. and by the Merry Christmas Lily 😊

  2. Lilly! You need to beware of your location! Are these people Muslims? They don’t like women on the best of times, wearing shorts and short sleeve shirt does not sit well with them but the drinking booze is really against Muslim law and can get you killed! Be very careful MiLady!

  3. Just One tent?
    Lily got culturally enriched all night it seems. Good on her. She deserves it after all the gifts she gave him.

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