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Building A Teepee In The Woods

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Building A Teepee In The Woods Part 1
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13 thoughts on “Building A Teepee In The Woods

  1. Thank you for watching this video. If you want to check out my survival knife here is the link to my website thanks for your support 🙂 Lilly

    1. Survival Lilly were did all the timber come from?
      Would it not be a good idea to build a saw horse if you are going to expand the camp.
      Could save you from a nasty injury.

  2. looking forward to part 2 of this vlogg. you make it look so easy, but its obviously hard work. Always enjoy this vloggs + your a real babe. good stuff lilly. big luv.xx

  3. you should name your new town “Lilly Land” all your fans can move there and elect you mayor,we can all eat shrooms and dance nekkid around the bonfire.I would go there but not eat the shrooms its amusing enough watching people on them and i am a self control freak.

  4. Your like woods lorey nerd bunny eating the new shoots prancing through the forest key the bambi music.Okay I’m sorry I was being funny is all.

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