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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 4

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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 4
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10 thoughts on “Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 4

  1. Thanks for watching this video, The knife I have used in the video is my own design and if you interested in it you can take a look at it on my website: Thanks for your support 🙂 Lilly

    1. Is the knife also usable for left-handed people? Can the sheath be altered/is one for the left side available?

  2. just nitpicking about one little thing on what was an otherwise GREAT video. That does not look like paracord. More like what we in the US call baling twine or binders twine. Often used in tying together hay bales. Please do not take this as a slam, just want to be sure my eyes did not deceive me about what you were using.
    Please keep the wonderful videos coming. I always glean at least one nugget of useful information from every post that you make.
    Very best regards from the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.

  3. Why doesn’t someone send Lilly a timber cruising axe (sometimes called a Hudson Bay cruising axe) and a froe?

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