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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 3

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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 3

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7 thoughts on “Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 3

  1. Have you ever used the wood in parallel long ways as driving in a well? I have eaten liver and heart from a fresh killed deer.

  2. Hello Lilly, thank you for sharing another fine video. Your shelter is really shaping up. I do like your knife. It is certainly a great tool to have in the back country. You be safe out there. 🤗

  3. Lilly, do I really see a lanyard there on your saw? I remember a young lady telling me that these things are not recommendable… 😉 Trolling aside – great video, I love your channel, keep going! 😀

  4. I am very happy with the APO-1 I purchased, fits my hand well. Sturdy, well built design. It comes with a fair edge but I need to sharpen it a bit more. It is also heavy which is good too. Keep dry and see you the next time.

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