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Building A Primitive Jungle Bed

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Building A Primitive Jungle Bed
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12 thoughts on “Building A Primitive Jungle Bed

  1. Shoes Lilly is wearing in this video: – Julian offers guided tours in Gabon which you can find here: – also, If you want to help Julian and his family you can donate here: PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRIENDS – Subcriptions feed is sometimes broken, so don’t rely on it. I will post new videos every Wednesday. Also I have a second channel now which you can find here: Thanks for watching 🙂 Lilly

    1. Survival Lilly : wow congrats on your 700k subs! Pretty soon it will be time for a giveaway for your Canadian fans, lol. Just kidding Lily I love your channel, keep up the great work.

    2. There are many ways to produce electric power. Hydroelectric is the most common one and fairly simple to do if you got magnets and copper wire (and running water). But the modern approach that is way simpler is to use a small generator running on diesel.

  2. I already knew you were braver than I am, but this is a new level. You could not pay me enough to go barefoot in that jungle, or to wade with bare feet and legs in that water. I hope you are okay. There are a LOT of parasites (especially worms) that live in the soil and water in the tropics and would just love to burrow into your skin. You were very careful about snakes, but I worry about the smaller things that can harm you. I’m not trying to tell you your business; you did research before the trip. But it seems dangerous.

    Also, I had never heard liana pronounced the way you do, but I cannot correct you. I did research, and has three recordings of pronunciations, and the third one is two syllables. I thought it was always a three syllable word. So your pronunciation is rare but valid.

  3. So many innuendos… “tree is thick and stable, termite cannot came inside, cannot stick it in, it may be too hard, no just stick it in, it will fit” these two definitely got it on.

  4. Lilly, you truly are a great inspiration. Your experience in Africa gave me a newer and unexpected admiration for you.
    I love seeing you chillin’ in the mother land with my people. Love you girl…

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