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Best Bushcraft Knife? – Mora Garberg Carbon vs Stainless

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The Mora Garberg Carbon is a long-awaited version of their full tang design that first debuted in stainless. Both knives feature a sharpened 90° spine, Scandi grind, 3.2 mm (1/8″) thick blade and a symmetrical synthetic handle that works well will multiple grips. In this video we take a look at both and try to start a fling and steel fire with the carbon model.

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13 thoughts on “Best Bushcraft Knife? – Mora Garberg Carbon vs Stainless

  1. I got the stainless one .carbon steel will stay sharper longer they will say in test .both are very good knives will work well out there.

  2. I’ve had this knife for roughly 6 months now. A few weeks ago I nearly cut my own finger off because of the lack of either a solid guard or grippy handle. Maybe that’s just me, but if anyone plans on buying this I’d consider putting some inner tube on the handle or simply re-handling it with wood overlays. Again this is just my opinion and I don’t hate the Garberg, but safety to me is important. I’ve used knives for many years and never had any serious mishaps until the Garberg. I’ve returned to my much less expensive and safer Heavy Duty MG and have no issues.

    1. I understand that. I also think fixed blades and folders are used in different ways. I never did anything with the Garberg that I wouldn’t do with any knife. The issue came while in pouring rain when the handle failed to give traction and when I went to cut cord it slipped right out of my hand. By the grace of God I didn’t slice my fingers off. You can blame the user, but tools aren’t perfect either and justifying something because “it’s been done before” is kinda risky business. No hard feelings though, I respect your opinion and enjoy your channel. Garbergs just not for me.

    2. Not to sound critical, because I have plenty of scars, but there are lots of very popular knives with no guards and smooth handles. Heck, most pocket knives are that way. Think about a Swiss Army Knife, it is smooth as butter. Every single time I have cut myself it was because I was doing something I knew better than to do 😉 But we guys have hard heads

  3. Awesome! Great review Bryan 🙂 Both are really nice knives for sure! And the carbon steel one works with flint too! That was cool! By this far my favorite Moras have been the 2000 and the Bushcraft Survival Black. Garberg has the best qualities of both. And it is a full tang 🙂 My choice would definitely be the carbon steel version with multi mount sheath 🙂 I like the versatility of the sheath! I mostly prefer carbon steel blades so I guess there is no excuse not to get a Garberg anymore 😉 Big thumbs up Bryan! Have a great day 🙂

  4. Something I really don’t get and I am looking for an answer:

    Realistically, if I like the outdoors and I am a preparedness and survival-aware and oriented person living in the USA or even in Canada, having access to knives such as the following:
    – Ka-Bar Mark I Navy [Mk1 USN] Black Kraton [2221]
    – Camillus/Ontario Jet Pilot Knife [499 AFPK aka AFSK]
    – Ontario TAK-1 [OKC 8671]
    – Cold Steel SRK SK-5 or O1
    or, if I insisted in “made in Europe” or otherwise:
    – Glock Feldmesser [Field Knife] 78/81
    – Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140
    or, if I preferred stainless:
    – Gerber Strongarm [Coyote 30-001058, Black 30-001038, BDZ-1 Tactical Grey 30-001423]
    – SOG SEAL Pup [either “plain” (the revised AUS-8 model) or Elite]
    most of which knives have better features than the Garberg, at a similar or better price [surplus depots, yard sales…], give me more options in terms of availability [warranty, parts, accessories…] and have been tested and proven in field use by professionals and enthusiasts alike for decades, also considering that preparedness and survival imply a constant struggle for maintaining desired balance, so to speak, meaning not only having the best tools, but also supporting my own and at the same time domestic [and possibly local] economy, socializing with fellow citizens that might save me from trouble … as well as taking into account the simple rule that “two equal one, one equals none” [I can have a Ka-Bar Mk1 USN as my main knife and an OKC 499 AFSK as my backup or even alternative, for instance, at a by far better deal than in the case of having two Garbergs] …

    Why, then, bother with the Garberg or the like, when I could rather better allocate my resources by — say — attempting [to convince enough people to] petitioning Ka-Bar to make a version of the Mk1 USN with a more substantial tang [like the Cold Steel Leatherneck SF], with a high scandi[vex] or saber grind, also perhaps a stainless version? [420HC Paul Bos-heat treated, 154CM, BDZ-1, Elmax, M390, N690, N680, S30V, S35VN, practically stainless CPM-3V with a bladesmithing-tweaked heat treatment — but, admittedly, b|**dy expensive! …]

    I mean, if we’re talking about exploring options and having fun — but at a price, mind you and in terms of more than money! — I am with you; otherwise, why not just stick with tried and true, also save some bucks in the process?!

    Nice video anyhow [always nice to get some good intel!] — and nice… balancing — as always!

  5. I have owned Moras for years, never had an issue with anyone of them. I don’t own the Stainless, but I have ordered the Carbon and i’m looking forward for it to come any day now. I have the cansbol (which I don’t like). My hope is that the handles aren’t all that much the same.

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