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BBQ Steak on a drying rack

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Grilling Steak on IKEA drying rack 100% stainless steel no coating.
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10 thoughts on “BBQ Steak on a drying rack

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  2. Na, das Fressbrett ist wohl auch vom Schwedenmarkt…muss man auch mal drauf kommen. Ich glaub früher wurde das Ding als Garderobe zum an die Wand schrauben verkauft.

  3. I bet you couldn’t retract it after. The metal will expand in the heat of the fire and fatty carbon deposits will build up between the hinge points. No veggies. Naughty you.

  4. 4:42 That flat piece of rock could be placed on a bed of hot coals and used for cooking a steak on!

  5. If only more woman in the U.S were like you, we’d have a country worth me deploying for. Just so you know your more of a soldier than most people I had to serve with. I was infantry for 9 years and deployed four times.

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