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Battlbox UNBOXING: Mission 51 – Condor Knife, Trail Cam, Traditional Folding Knife, Medical Gear

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The latest box from Battlbox is here – Mission 51. As you will see, this one includes a few different knives, some med gear (the FORT is pretty cool), as well as a handful of other items. Overall, useful gear in my view – but you tell me – what do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Battlbox UNBOXING: Mission 51 – Condor Knife, Trail Cam, Traditional Folding Knife, Medical Gear

  1. Cool unboxing didn’t know K-bar made a spork it looks very cool thought both knifes were very cool really the box was awesome thanks for sharing buddy 👍👍

  2. I like the look and size of the Condor knife. It reminds me of the puukko knife size.
    I own the Ka-Bar spork/knife combo, and even though the knife in the handle is a great idea, the tines of the spork are too short and the bowl of the spoon is too small, and even having said that, the bottom of the spoon bowl is rather deep. I’ve tried to eat soup with it and it would’ve taken me an hour or so to eat with it, so I just tipped the whole bowl up and drank from it. My upper lip couldn’t reach the bottom of the spoon bowl, so I had to slurp to empty the bowl. I guess my lips are too big. No, I’m not a fan. The knife is sharp/serrated enough to cut meat and such or spread on a piece of bread, which is it’s redeeming quality to me. I gave one to a friend of mine before I tried mine, and he had the same assessment. You can get a 2 pack plastic spoon/fork combo from Light My Fire at Walmart for $2 or so instead of one from Amazon for $5.29. Sorry to rip on it so hard, pard, but it was really disappointing. The Ka-Bar chopsticks, on the other hand, are great. Simple and durable. Sharpen the end and you have a nice puncturing weapon.
    I like the FORT very much, and the folding knife is nice. The small bit screwdriver kit is always handy. Kershaw came up with one for their knives and such, with bits stored in the handle. I can now, w/o digging around, find the right size bit to tighten up pocket clips, pivot screws for the blade, etc.
    Keep up the good work, sir. I appreciate your insight and your opinions.

  3. I’m a BB subscriber I liked almost everything in the box except the Huron knife I’m just not s big fan of primitive style knives. I will say the sheath is excellent wish a few past knives had that good of a sheath. It’s okay there’s always someone looking to pick up any BB knife in the Facebook group I’ll try and trade it out for something I need more. Great video !

  4. If you don’t know yet, the tool with the magnet and nylon loop, is to remove metal from your eye. The nylon wont scratch your eye, so you can drag it across the surface to dislodge any metal fragments, then use the magnet to pick it up.

  5. that bit driver has that bearing on the back so you can use it one handed. palming the back using you finger tips to spin. I have one of condors small camp axes and like it and the sheath is amazing.

  6. Was not thrilled with the edge of the condor. For the KOTM it should be sharp in my opinion. For the FORT kit, I think your missing a part, it’s supposed to have a eye loop with it as well. You should ask BB to send you one as it’s nice if you didn’t get one.

  7. I like the Condor knife. It’s a nice little knife for around the house. I own one of those kabar sporks. I’ve only used it once or twice just for fun. But I do have it in my camping gear.

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