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Aiper Flash 150W (46,750mah) Portable Power Station – Preparedmind101

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Kickstarter: (Link Added 4/2)

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9 thoughts on “Aiper Flash 150W (46,750mah) Portable Power Station – Preparedmind101

  1. That sounds a whole lot better,charge it and see how long the charge holds without use,and get back to us

  2. Hmm I’ll wait until it’s on sale normally, I’ve dealt with lots of Kickstarter projects and they always take longer to ship than what they estimate. Also these guys may never even send out the batteries if things don’t go well in production. Looks like an awesome powerbank but I’ll wait and pay a lil extra just to be safe

  3. Do you know if the A/C is Pure Sine Wave or just a Sine Wave? This is an important question which I may of missed if you said it, but I didn’t hear that covered…

  4. WOW i just might buy this now that i know exaclty what the MAH is this great news for me and them. GOOD SHIT Chris for updating this for everyone.

    Chris man I am looking for a “Bark River Honey Badger” where can i get one nowadays?

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