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A Disturbing Thought About the Survival of Our Species

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Its taken 200, 000 years of human error to give us the world we live in today, 200,000 years of domesticated physiology means that TRUE wilderness survival is a pipedream.

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12 thoughts on “A Disturbing Thought About the Survival of Our Species

  1. That’s the problem. Evolution isn’t what many believe it to be. It isn’t always to “the better”. It is to the “environment”.
    Adapting and devolving are concepts built into the word evolution. Artificial environments cause artificial evolution. Mankind has worked hard, …not only to kill “God”, …but to kill Darwin as well.

    Those familiar with both r/K Selection Theory and The Drake Equation will recognize that “merging” the two would and has created a great deal of complications in each. We have attempted to make a large portion of mankind “K” selected. But we are quickly approaching bottlenecks that (I fear) only an “r” selected species can pass through. Either that, or become so amazingly “K” selected that we can defeat the bottleneck, …rather than pass through it.

    First problem there is, …that big of a jump? It’s a one way trip. We would never again be able to switch back to “r” selection if need be. Second problem, …we may have already made that jump.

    1. +none wrong it is fully proven and no one has been able to disprove it. also evolution makes no claim for the origin of life the very fact that you claim it does shows how little you actually know about it.

      evolution is merely the explanation of how life changes over time that is it seriously educate yourself before you show your ignorance.

    2. +albert Johnson evolution has always been true with mountains of evidence also it has nothing to do with the left they just latch onto what ever the current fad their overlords corrupt democrats tell them to back before the hippy movement in the 1950-60’s the left where much more hardcore bible thumpers then the right wing. the left also fought hard against every civil rights movement they even created the KKK to scare blacks from voting, Jim Crow laws and more. the last 30 or so years they have worked hard to project their history onto the right because of how racist and corrupt it is.

      evolution like gravity is a theory which means its true because a theory is a collection of hypothesizes that have been proven to be true multiple times. germ theory as well there are theories that make that computer you use possible same with the internet. most of these advancements from atheists by the way.

      there are plenty of conservative atheists as well who are not retarded communist liberals. go back to your basement your trolling game is weak.

      also we are still waiting for all you theists to prove your 2000+ year old plagiarized myths as being true.

    3. Doom – Lol. Good to see people familiar with r/K. It’s those damn bottlenecks I worry about. Particularly with disease. An immunity of one in 12 million.might take a few generations to establish a breeding population. Even if millions were breeding like crazy and dying off like mad. So, 5000 K selected individuals on an island or space station would really be playing the odds a little tighter than I’d like to see.

      We either put all of our eggs in the K selected basket, …hoping to defeat the given bottleneck through science and technology, …or we keep throwing human bodies at it until a few make it through by pure luck and sheer numbers.

      Its already on my mind in today’s world. But in a post-collapse/grid-down world? Not good odds. Lol.

    4. doug sawyer – My original cacophony of mixed metaphors is best unpacked in the context of preparedness, I suppose. Perhaps most relevant to the initial hours and days following the loss of the grid.

      While we possess the concept of agriculture in the abstract, it does little to feed people unless it is realized in the concrete. Not everyone can do that successfully. What we have is a system. A function of socioeconomics confined within an agro-industrial retail structure. That is where most people are today. The equivalent of being on life support.

      We often only see evolution in the biological sense. So, let’s look there first. How many people are alive today because of the science, technology, agriculture, modern medicine, sanitation…etc. that civilization has provided? People that, had they been born 500 years ago, would have certainly perished?

      Did biological evolution produce robust and resilient people? Immune to disease? Difficult to injure? No. Quite the opposite. But the brains? Oh yes. We got smarter. We learned to manipulate our environment in order to compensate for our physical shortcomings. And we kept making that trade generation after generation. Man is almost ill-suited for his own planet now. Take away what we have built? We struggle just to stay warm.

      I, myself, might argue that these are all a product of a biological brain. An ability. But truth is, these are objects that exist outside of the brain, …not the brain itself. A result of the brain, …but not a function of it. Perhaps similar to offspring. And, if so, we take on that role of creator. Hence my “kill God” metaphor. And we use these creations to curtail survival of the fittest. Hence my “kill Darwin” metaphor as well.

      That delineation between the result and the function is where we find an artificial evolution based upon the products of our intelligence as a species over time, but not inherent to each individual. We have evolved the capacity for civilization’s fruits. But not the fruits themselves. We have only evolved our dependency on those fruits.

      The only species on Earth to discover and harness fire. The only species on Earth that now depends on that fire to survive. Artificial evolution.

    5. Richard Sabo that was awesome. Good to know that there are those that walk by faith and also accept that there is something legit all the knowledge allowed for us to achieve. Especially in the medical field.

  2. Evolution means, the changing of one species into a new species. What life does is “adapt” not “evolve”. Nothing has ever evolved, only adapted. You take these decrepit Neanderthal humanoids. Well when people used to live nearly 1000 years what do you think a man now would look like if he aged nearly 1000 years? Like a Neanderthal. Not an evolution. Yes the earth has been here much much longer than 6000 years that humans have been here. It’s the “gap” in the Bible history. The Bible is about mankind, not a history of animal life for who knows how long.

  3. What a powerful and worthwhile video. This should be required watching by every high school student every year.

  4. Putting back just a week’s worth of food and water makes you more prepared than probably 90% of Americans I would say, but that’s not good enough. You have to learn and practice skills that can get you by when those finite supplies run out.

  5. There is a problem with your argument here. It is hard to pinpoint how dependent we are on the grid. I think that, if we were to be put in the wilderness, at least the fraction that knows essential survival skills will learn to adapt to become more primal. For that matter, there are few situations where we would not have access to some basic survival items even during shtf. I don’t think we will ever go back to cavemen. Not as it was anyway.

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