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1000 lumens zoomable flashlight – Wowtac A3S Review

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The Wowtac A3S is a 1000 lumen zoomable, adjustable focus flashlight that allows you to easily change from a broad floodlight to a really bright focused spotlight.
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14 thoughts on “1000 lumens zoomable flashlight – Wowtac A3S Review

  1. I’m thinking of making an every day carry kit for my brothers next year and will probably start ordering stuff next month. So just curious. Your videos are fantastic and have given me so many gift ideas the options seem endless

  2. I saw in one of your past videos the tru spec pants you liked have you ever tried 4.5 out of 5 stars 4,797 Reviews
    5.11 Tactical #74273 Men’s TacLite Pro Pant

    1. This one is about a year old and a few things have changed. I need to do a new one. But I am still pretty minimalist. The g43 has been replaced by a G19 and a few other adjustments have been made as well.

    2. Survival On Purpose thanks for the insight we saw some at cabelas but didn’t buy them. We are waiting to get the official call back from the company before buying anything. Have you done a every day carry video? I just found your page yesterday and haven’t finished watching the gift guides to look around.

    3. I have not tried those actually. I have a couple of different 5.11 pants that I like so either Tru-Spec or 5.11 are both excellent choices in my opinion.

    4. My husband possibly going to get a job as a government contractor and have to deploy again except this time he’s no longer in the military so he doesn’t have informa to rely on

  3. ‘nuther great lil Blinky-Flashy Light, Bryan, T F S                                   ATB Ter  God Bless

  4. I hope to see a long term use video later on showing maybe how it’s held up to edc for 6 months or something along those lines. As always great video, and God bless

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